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Contact Us & Add Your Link - Austin, Texas

If you have a bar or pub in Sixth Street, adding your site to Sixth Street Bars is a great way to attract beer lovers in the greater Austin area. Everyday thirsty Sixth Street residents are stopping by Sixth Street Bars to find out about the latest hotspot.

How to Get Listed

In order to keep the integrity of Sixth Street Bars, there are a few simple rules. This helps keep the linking relationship fair for everyone and also helps weed out the lesser reputable bars so our visitors only hear about the best Sixth Street bars.

Rule #1: Your bar must be in the Sixth Street district
We strive to list all bars, pubs, clubs, and venues in the Sixth Street district. Within walking distance will do.

Rule #2: Your bar must resemble a BAR!
Cigars, hookah, martini, sports, wine, all of these are OK. You don't have to serve alcohol but you must have a bar like atmosphere.

Rule #3: You must link back
Self explanatory, add a link on your website to: Don't have a website? Contact us anyway, we can work something out. Add the link before contacting us.

Contact Information